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air force

No description

Library Media

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of air force

AND COLE This is from the movie red tails. The movie
is about Tuskegee air men. It is a true story. That is a stealth bomber they are almost invisible on enemy radars because on them they look like birds. They are awesome from there name you may have guessed that they bomb. sometimes
blue angels
put on shows. that is a aircraft carrier. hope you enjoyed some of the place they fly are
Pensacola and other beaches.
Believe it or not blue angels
actually are not in the air force.
They are in the navy. They have hangers if you don't now hangers
are where they store planes. We believe that this is a type of F15 or F16.
We think it is one because right there there is a gun that shoots explosive bullets. these are the
parts of a aircraft carrier. This is a jet getting gas in mid air.
It would be scary getting gas while
flying and sitting on bombs and sometimes
there is a storm when they do it. DOG FIGHT Dog fights happen when a
jet and a enemy jet find each
other and they will keep reversing
turns until it gets behind the other
ones tale and takes a shot. this is a gunship
shooting flares. because
a heat seeking missile
is going at it.
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