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Deforestation and how it affects Native Tribes

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Alfie Heugh

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Deforestation and how it affects Native Tribes

Deforestation and how it affects Native Tribes
Pros and Cons continued
As more land is stripped away from the Amazon, tribes have simply vanished over the past few years. Contact with explorers has caused diseases to spread amongst the natives. The same happened when Europeans first made contact with natives in America. This resulted in 90% of the Native American population dieing out due to simple sicknesses that the Europeans were used to e.g. the common cold.
What is Deforestation
Before we discuss the indigenous tribes, we need to take a look at deforestation. Deforestation is when forests and rainforest land are cleared for either agricultural expansion or human colonisation. This badly affects both natives and animals causing them to move on to uncleared areas.
Affects on Native Tribes
Tribes have responded to this grave threat with the use of violence. Once 3 arrows were shot at an explorer a few years ago. This has got the public concerned and many people believe this is because of tribal people being overprotective. We've seen it before in history, Humans tend to be very territorial creatures that can react defensively.
Pros and Cons
It's not just the native life that's been affected, it's even the Brazilian Government! A lot of Brazil's exports are reliant on the rainforest's products and if the deforestation stops, it will help the environment but weaken the Brazilian economy.
By Alfie Heugh - 6S - Success!
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