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Social Media V2

March 22, 2010

Nicolle Wahl

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Social Media V2

Twitter page, 1,630+ followers Facebook fan page
2,515+ fans UTMississauga YouTube channel
5,312 upload views to date. Our Social Media Working Group
meets monthly to trade tips, teach each other about new platforms and eat nachos. tell us about events
tell us about cool research
show us pictures
keep it informal/conversational Biggest challenge? Time and resources. @NicolleWahl
905-569-4656 Exchange Ideas Communications survey (500+ respondents) How it started First steps secured the twitter handle
entered biographic information
waited until mat leave was finished Then... started research
who was the audience?
what were other universities doing?
what was the fastest way to get UNFOLLOWED? The Interweb is big. There are a lot of resources out there: Meet Jimmi. http://mashable.com/ Finally... Length of lineup
at the
South Building We try to remember our audiences. Give them useful information. Keep it fresh. Take U of T Mississauga seriously. Ourselves? Not so much. Questions? Networking events Lectures Registrarial deadlines Campus closures What do we post/tweet about? And, of course... deer sightings. Researchers Construction on campus Other U of T stuff! And when the fresh cookies
are out of the oven at the
Circuit Break Cafe in CCT. I try to update Facebook and Twitter daily. (that doesn't always happen) We need: more staff
newer technology
our own streaming web server (We're working on that last one.) For a campus of 13,000 people,
with 38,000 alumni, you're looking
at the communications office. In the beginning... (a.k.a. prior to March 2009) ...here's how we communicated with our stakeholders: U of T Mississauga website
e-newsletters/e-blasts to students, alumni, and faculty/staff
U of T Mississauga magazine
media Social media was here to stay. So how could we take advantage of the communications opportunities it offered, without looking like... ...well...grown-ups trying to act hip? Grace! Do I answer questions? Yes. What do we need? But in the meantime... Alain Latour

Saaliha Malik
Editors, The Medium Promotion The age of social media dawned. = Poor execution would damage our reputation. We had to do this right,
or not at all. 363 members
career focus
primarily alumni Social Media at U of T Mississauga Nicolle Wahl
Manager of Communications and Marketing
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