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Geo coca cola assignment

No description

Simar Singh

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Geo coca cola assignment

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Simar COCA COLA Coca Cola Headquarters History and growth of coca-cola Size and importance Global marketing strategies Coke original
production process Coca-cola in Australia In Australia, Coca cola operates under the name of Coca-Cola Amatil, Or just... 1915 New flavours 1893 Bottle up 1941 Can of coke 1955 New markets and brands 1990+ 1886 Coca cola begins Coca cola becomes a business Now PepsiCo Coca Cola Pepsi Co VS Coca Cola Coca Cola Employees: 146,200 (Dec 2011)
Coca Cola revenue: US$ 48.01 billion (2012)
Countries: 200+ Employees: 297,000 (2011)
Revenue: US$ 66.504 billion (2011)
Countries: 200+
PepsiCo simply cannot keep up with Coca Cola's beverage industry. Conclusion Negative and positive effects So then really, how bad can Coca Cola be? Coca cola does not use any form of labour

Health effects

contains toxins

Bribery accusations

The glass bottle POSITIVE NEGATIVE VERY VERY VERY Coca cola original Adaptions for local customs Formula is mixed with other ingredients Sent to be Sold Production process How does coke change to suit local cultures? THE SYRUP CHANGES DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU ARE FOR EXAMPLE: Take mexican coca cola. Original formula BOTTLING PROCESS AMATIL Some of their products include: Fanta Lift Deep Spring Kirks Mother Sprite Bisleri And.. Coca-Cola Production in india How does this work?? BIBLIOGRAPHY http://heritage.coca-cola.com/
http://www.colalife.org/2010/12/19/how-coca-colas-distribution-system-works/ THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Mexican Normal Street address: 1 Coca Cola Plaza
ZIP/postal code: 30313
City: Atlanta
State/province: GA
Country: USA

Latitude, longitude:

33.7708939, -84.3964322

33.7708939 -84.3964322

N33° 46.2536', W084° 23.7859'
(precision: address)
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