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Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen

No description

Karyn Church

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen

Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen Already I can sense a mood and tone. The narrator is describing a special time with her father. It is well after bedtime, her father has pulled her cap over her ears to keep her warm, and they are walking quietly together. I see a tone developing-these details show that going owling is a loving and special time for the narrator and her father. The tone is almost gentle. What about the mood? The mood is hushed and mysterious.
Think Together: Identify the details that support my idea that the mood is hushed and mysterious. What is the relationship between the mood and the illustrations? The author's tone reflects
the sense of anticipation
in the owlingadventure.
The narrator and her father
do not get to see an owl, but
they understand and accept
their circumstances. I'm
summing up that tone:
it's a tone of quiet resignation
and acceptance.
Think together: What details
generate anticipation? What
details show resignation and
acceptance? Yolen's writing sparkles! The descriptions paint such beautiful pictures. The sensory image of a furry mouth, the wondering what hides behind huge shadows, the snow that looks whiter than the milk in a cereal bowl-the details add to both the tone and mood. What tone and mood do the help create? Partners, think together:
Which details were most
important in helping Jane Yolen
communicate both mood and tone?
Why is it important for us as readers
to identify mood? What about tone?
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