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The Problem Solvers

No description

Alden McDonald

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The Problem Solvers

The Problem Solvers
The dish washer was invented by a lady named Josephine Garis . She invented the dish washer because of her servants kept breaking her good china. She used to demand them to try not to but the still kept chipping. So she invented the dish washer to solve her problem.
Electricity & Trains
You know Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but George Westinghouse helped him invent electricity. Westinghouse also invented the air breaks for a train. It also saved a mans life he was on the railroad tracks hurt they stopped the train with air breaks the man did not get hit or hurt.
John Deere
Motor Boat of

The man that invented the motor boat invented it for his girlfriend who eventually became his wife. They were on a little island and Bess Cary wanted some ice cream so he paddled all the way to shore and got some ice cream. It melted he wished he had got it there faster. So he invented the motor out of love.
In 1927 a lady was straining baby food she wished that there was a faster way. Her husband kept talking about it so she gave it to him to mash it. He owned a canned vegetable company. Then he thought about and started to strain and mash to make baby food. They put it in the store and couldn't keep it on the shelf . He changed his company name to Gerber Baby Food.
The camera was already invented but a man named Edwin Land. He was on a family vacation and was taking pictures of his daughter and she wanted to see them but she couldnt.He thought why does it take so long? Land studied light and invented his own camera that the picture came out after 15 sec.
A problem solver is a person who has a problem or something bugged them that the would like to fix or make better.
What is a problem solver?
Farmer in the 19th centery had a problem the good rich soil they had to grow crops with didn't have a good way to plow it(it was very sticky), so a blacksmith named John Deere made the first non-sticky plow. Now John Deere is one of the most pouplar brands in tractors.
Baby Food
Dark Room In a Box
Hot Tub
The hot tub was made for a little boy with arthritis and theyy couldn't drive him to the hospital for that.Later people wanted him in there homes so they made more. People did not want to share it with a big tank so 2 generation later he created bigger and the tankes were inside it. The tub was started by the Jacuzzi brothers.
Magic Carpet
The magic carpet was invented by John Queeny.
it was invented for the Hudson Astro base ball field it was indoors.The ceiling was malice they painted it and the grass died they put more down and it died just as fast. They put Queeny on the job and he made fake grass and they started useing it every were and they called it astro turf.

Problem Solvers
These were the problems solvers of America!!!!
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