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No description

JenniferSara MoranJamal

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Folktales



Usually flat, simple, or straightforward.
They fall into one of the two groups,
the good or the evil.
Good usually rewarded and evil punished.
Place: described easily and briefly, reflects the typical landscape of the tale's culture. (Ex. Europe folktales take place in forest, castle, or cottages, while Africa's with its jungles.

Time: usually fantasy time such as "Once Upon a time" or a "Long time ago"


Have a basic plot line, that are shorter and simpler. Folktales are full of actions, but the action is concentrated there is no long explanation or description. Ending almost always happy.
Descriptions and explanations are quick and to the point. Have powerful visual images without a lot of language. Magic is usually always used, characters acknowledge it without disbelief. Repetitious patterns are common. The power of 3 is used.
Special Features
Conflicts are quickly established, they are either resolved by great deeds and/or acts of human kindness. Events move quickly to the conclusion.
Are usually told by
second or third person.
Usually have the
Protagonist and
antagonist in it.

Most folktales have morals. Characters change after they the lesson learned.
Usually danger,
mostly suspense,
and a lot of action.
-Folktales were made to explain
the wonders of the world.

Folktales were passed down from generation to generations orally. Everyone added something new to each folktale, so there aren't any specific authors.
Could it be mixed with another genre?
Yes, fables and fairytale

"Folktales & Fables of Europe: The
Lost Islands" by Robert Ingpen &
Barbara Hayes, tells the story of magical creatures called the Little People; who lived in islands that they can only see and live in.
"If the islands are in the mood to show themselves, then i will go out to look at them."
"The Apples of Youth"
"St. Mark and the
Saving of Venice"
"The Grey Palfrey"
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