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All About Mua!

Getting to know C'Anne Hunt

C'Anne Hunt

on 9 April 2016

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Transcript of All About Mua!

All About Mua!
Getting to Know Me
Favorites/ Hobbies
Personal Info
Schools Attended
Color: Neon Colors
Subject: English
Shoes: Gladiators, Jordans
Hairstyles: Mohawk, Bun
Game: Family Feud
Tv Show: America's Next Top Model
Sport: Basketball
Extra Curricular Activities:
Majorettes, Dance
DOB: October 9th , 2004
Parents: Crystal Richardson & Tommy Hunt
Siblings: Richard, Tianna And Tyra
Happy Beginnings Campus
All Saints Cathedral School
Ulla F. Muller Elementary School
Addelita Cancryn Junior High School
Career Ideas

Other Options:
-Fashion Designer
- Tv Host
When I grow up I would really like to me an Elite International Model.
My Favorite Singers/ Rappers
Videos of Them
Videos of Them ( cont.)
Things I like to do
I like to shop dance, and listen to music. I am really not into TV. I like to go out and just have fun.
Other Music Groups I like
-Jammerz Hp
-Poizon Band
-Stylee Band
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