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Michelle Kuan

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Volleyball

History of Volleyball Volleyball is invented 1895 by William G. Morgan. Morgan was a YMCA teacher in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He combined the sports tennis, baseball, basketball, and handball to create volleyball. Volleyball was called Mintonette at first, but after seeing that people volley the ball, he changed the name of the game to volleyball. The Volleyball Court The volleyball court is a 18m x 9m. It is divided into half with a net. A 3 m line away from the net is called the attack line. There are 6 positions played in volleyball. Each position is represented with a number from 1-6. After a player plays at positions 1 they go to position 6. Volleyball is played with a 65-67 cm circumference ball. It is made out of a material so that when the ball hits you arm it doesn’t hurt has much. The ball has the weight of 260-280 g. The Ball played in Volleyball Passing A pass is usually the first contact made by a team. The player passes the ball to the setter so that they can set. The pass is the most important skill in volleyball. Without an effective pass, it is harder for the setter to get the ball up for the hitter it spike. Learning to pass should be the first skill you learn. A pass is mainly when you're in an athletic
position and as the ball comes, you move to where the ball is and put your hands together with your arms out and let the ball hit your arm. Setting A set is usually the second contact made by a team. The main goal of setting is to put the ball up high so a hitter can attack the ball to the other side. Sometimes the setter may perform a move call a dump. That is when the setter puts the ball directly to the opponents side. A set is a movement done by their fingertips. It is like a volley. Hitting Timeline of Volleyball William G. Morgan invented the sport volleyball 1895 1916 A special ball was designed for the sport 1900 1920 Indoor volleyball was introduced to the Olympic games 1964 1996 A set is like a volley. You make a triangle with your hands above your forehead and you your fingers to push the ball up high for a hitter to spike. Instead of volleying over the net, the setter puts the ball up high. An attack or spike or a hit is usually the third contact made by a team. The main thing of attacking is so that the other team cannot bring the ball back to play. The player must do an approach then jump and hit the ball. There are many different kinds of attack. A hit usually has an approach. Most players use a three step approach. It is a big step and two smaller steps and then a jump. 1 2 3 The set and spike are introduced. Two player beach volleyball was debuted as an Olympic sport Three hits per side and back row attack rules were presented Blocking Differences between indoor and beach volleyball - the indoor court is 9m x 18m & the beach court is 8m x 16m
- indoor is played on a hard floor & beach is played on the sand
- indoor is 6 players playing at a time & beach is two players
- a set it won in indoor volleyball when the score is 25 & a set is won in beach volleyball when the score is 21. Both having two points more
- the ball played in beach volleyball is bigger and softer than the ball played in indoor volleyball
- not allowed to tip the ball over in beach. You may use a pokey A block is a move to stop an attack. The play goes up to the net and jumps with both arms up hoping to stop an attack from going on there side. A good block will make it harder for the opponent to spike the ball over. To have a good block the player must have good timing. Volleyball gear Knee pads ankle brace knee high socks court shoes I think volleyball is the best sport out of all sports because it has less physical contact, it improves your cardio, flexibility, coordination, and it is a fun sport and is easy to learn. Here's a video of volleyball tricks Japan vs China What is it? Volleyball is a sport. It is a game of two teams with six players divided with a net and the main point of the game is to not let the ball hit the ground on your side but you opponents side. It is a more intense version of don't let the balloon touch the floor.
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