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Dubai Airport

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on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Dubai Airport

Cargo/Logistics Infrastructure: Dubai International Airport (DBX) Jariporn (Nink) Tantiparimongkol 311279554
Catherine Zhao 310011086
Charles Liu 420126274
David Alexander 420094799
Jason Zhou 420137878
Cindy Jiang 430053092
Ming (Lawrence) Li 420150914 TPTM 6260; International Logistics DBX Overview; Location & Strategic Significance Port/Hub Infrastructure & Operation 1 2 3 4 5 6 The FUTURE... 7 DBX Overview:
History & Development Infrastructure for passengers Service Providers Challenges: Co-opetition from AL Maktoum International Airport. (40Km away from DXB)
Demand to cooperate with local logistic companies to improve efficiency. (E.g. outsource)
Strategy choosing(currently customers includes long-haul, short-haul and cargo)
Strengthen transportation connection between airports and local areas.
Land use constrain. Solid investment in future-proof networking technologies.

Always looking for the latest technology to improve customer experience.

Leading fiber optic transmission system, Microsens is installing more than 7000 network components to Dubai Airport.

Reduce the number of distribution room needed from 144 to 11. DBX Overview & Location DBX Overview - Strategic significance Logistics Providers & Challenges Agenda Managed and controlled by the Department of Civil Aviation
Three main airline companies as stakeholders to operate freight in Dubai international airport
Emirate: Terminal 3 stakeholderhandles 65% of all passenger traffic and accounts for 50% of all aircraft movements at the airport
Emirates SkyCargo. Infrastructure Operators: 80 Agents & ForwardersE.g Sky Logistics,
More than 35 Cargo Airlines
14 Flower Handling Companies
31 Express Mail & CouriersE.g Aramex. (Leading company in the Middle East) The Dubai Government belongs to the federation of United Arab Emirates.

United Arab Emirates is a Middle Eastern country in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula consisting of seven emirates.

The UAE has become a model of political stability at the regional and global levels

Stability help smooth business Economical Dubai is a important port of western manufactures

Most banking and financial centers are headquartered in the port area

One of the most touristic destinations of the world

Economy valued at US$82.11 billion

Economy will continue growing in 2013 by 3.8 percent Social Dubai Airport work closely with General Civil Aviation Authority and Police

Monthly governance meetings to ensure safe and secure environment

Continue improve regulations and ensure the correct governance processes are in place

Apply latest technology solutions to improve security level Solid investment in future-proof networking technologies

Always looking for the latest technology to improve customer experience

Leading fiber optic transmission system, Microsens is installing more than 7000 network components to Dubai Airport

Reduce the number of distribution room needed from 144 to 11 Technological Legal Very good reputation and good-standing

2011 new in-house legal team help reduce risks, costs and increase flexibility

All laws and legislation at both federal and local level were reviewed every year

Exchange experience and information through various departments with legal peace of mind in day-to-day business activities Environmental Dubai Airport continue improve environmental management and sustainability

Work closely with federal and regional governments.

Sustainable design in the airport
Energy efficient lighting control systems Use of occupation sensors
Standby power systems making use of sealed DC batteries
Elimination of diesel powered systems
Use of non-hazardous refrigerant products
Use of clean agent fire protection systems
Filtering of kitchen waste and other areas DBX Overview; Trade Statistics & Trends Why Dubai? PURPOSE: STRATEGIC PLAN 2020: RECOMMENDATION: Increase competitiveness through expansion. (Esp. Coopetition.) Avoid the awkwardness experienced based on it's geographic location. Increase investment in pushing their current positioning. Solution: To push promote its benefits by Air.
E.g. Moving DBX International Emirates T3 from its original Dubai International Airport to Al Malktaum International Airport. The number of stands will be increased by 60 per cent – from 144 to 230Cargo growth from 2.2 million tonnes (2010) to 4.1 million tonnes by 2020.

The plan involves also the construction of additional terminal space and concourse areas comprising an extra 675,000 sqm of floor space – twice the footprint of London Heathrow Terminal 5.

Facilities that will be built or undergo expansion include Terminal 2 (by 2013), Concourse 4 development (by 2015) - connected to Terminal 1 to facilitate check-in and baggage servicing.DWC passenger terminal building arrivals (PTB) expansion (2018).

30,000sqm additional cargo processing capacity at DXB’s cargo mega terminal.Airspace expansion plans will focus on optimising runway capacity and implementing efficient systems and processes.

Dubai Airports is also engaging national and regional civil aviation authorities and air navigation service providers to ensure decongestion of air routes, minimising bottlenecks and unlocking potential airspace capacity.

Next generation technology such as performance based navigation and dynamic airspace management will be deployed over the coming years to harness the capabilities of modern fleets and increase airspace capacity. Although DBX relies heavily on investment in order to increase their levels of profitability...

It is highly recommended that Dubai International should really focus on cost controls specifically on the exact capacity they want to invest or expand in order achieve their primary objectives in differentiation in avoiding direct competition with the issue of coopetition with its close competitive cousins such as Al Maktaum International Airport.

Improvement of its E-system in order to process airtravel processes with lead time.
Especially with Air = Time & Efficiency matters. Political Technological
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