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Kurt Cobain

No description

Nyssa Swearingen

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain The Early years 1967-1994 Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington in 1967. Kurt was an all around happy kid. He would often draw cartoon characters and record covers of songs on a mickey mouse tape recorder. His parents divorce when he was 7. He went to live with his dad and his sister stayed with his mother. This is a slide Woah! I changed the color of the words Kurt as a baby
aww Kurt often times got in fights with his father as he got older. Kurt was always interested in art and music, while his father pressured him into being more athletic. Kurt playing bass guitar A self portrait by Kurt Kurt later decided to drop out of high school and go into the workforce. He took random jobs here and there ranging from bus boy to a janitor for his former high school. He eventually moved in with his girlfriend Tracy Marander. Kurt and Dave Grohl talking about the importance of education. Kurt and his girlfriend, Tracy The first band Kurt and his friend, Krist Novoselic, decided to form a band to help their financial situation. The band was initially a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band called "The Sellouts". Krist Novoselic Seriously, though, They were picky when it came to drummers Kurt and Krist started writing their own songs and formed their own nameless band. The only problem was that they didn't have a drummer. The band had many temporary drummers until they settled on Chad Channing to be their drummer. They had also settled on a name: Nirvana. Kurt, Krist and their drummer at the time, Dave foster Chad Channing Woah, an album Nirvana signed with Sub Pop records to release an album. The album was titled "Bleach". Before the album was released, the band added a new member, Jason Everman. He was credited with playing guitar on the album, but he didn't actually play. Nirvana also went on a large European tour. kdjlfjdslkfjsdklfnxcjkvbshi Meanwhile in Kurt's love life... What is that smell? Kurt broke up with his long time girlfriend, Tracy, after he came back from his European tour. He started "dating" Tobi Vail of the band Bikini Kill. He became absolutely infatuated and wrote many of the songs he was working on for his next album about her. They broke up after a few months. Bikini Kill Courtney Love I was going to make a title but, Nevermind Nirvana decided to sign with a major record label and realease their 2nd album, Nevermind. The album was a hit and made Nirvana world famous. They also got a new drummer, Dave Grohl. Kurt became infatuated with the lead singer of the band Hole, Courtney Love. They dated for a while and within a few months, Courtney became pregnant. They married in February 1992. Kurt's baby Vanity Fair wrote an article regarding Kurt and Courtney's baby. They accused Courtney of using heroin throughout her pregnancy. This was not true and angered Kurt. When their daughter Frances was born, many news outlets said the baby was deformed due to drug use. This was not true either. Frances was perfectly healthy. Kurt and Frances Frances Now Now back to the music Nirvana released their 3rd album in 1993. There were many rumors that the album was too rough and would never be released, but these rumors were untrue. In Utero, Nirvana's third and final album (while Kurt was alive) I'm going to hell for this Awww, now the depressing part In April of 1994, Kurt injected himself with ungodly amounts of heroin and shot himself. Themes? Success isn't everything
Drugs are bad, mmmkay
Why write a book about him? He made some good music and influenced a lot of people
His life was pretty interesting and a tragedy of sorts (He also had cool hair) Favorite parts- When he got into an argument with Axl Rose at the VMAs
Least favorite part- The end:'(
Important part- His imaginary friend Boddah Say, what's that little speck there?
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