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Applied Professional Business Communication

Yu Zhou

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of E-commerce

Dr Hongping Annie Nie
Academic of Oxford University Current circumstances of Chinese Internet Business The Wealth of Internet Business With Chinese Characteristics Why the Chinese clones succeed and the foreign businesses fail Chinese Internet Business Western companies which failed in China Chinese competitor are quicker
Western companies are blocked by the Great Firewall or slowed down Chinese ecosystem & clones Western Portals Victors of Competition Online Shopping Nur Hana
Satomi Gilhome
Yu Zhou Kai-Fu Lee's opinion on the Chinese Internet environment Changes in the online gaming market Foreign games Domestic Games The legend of Mir II (Korean) Fantasy Westward Journey Dream of Three Ancient Kingdom Online gaming industry
2 striking things
the Chinese Internet number of consumers & spending
have grown fast The roles played by the Communist Party
Politically sheltered industry
Cut-throat competition
Incremental innovation
No leaps of invention 1st •Online shopping
•Watch videos
•Use social media 2nd Chinese spending time and money
on Chinese internet platforms 200 Million online shoppers spent $200 Billion in 2012 10 times as much as in 2008 Taobao is responsible for almost
60% of the online shopping market Tencent The most profitable online business in China Market Capitalisation Tencent is a leader in online games
Earning more than $2 Billion profit in 2012

Cloned from AOL
More than 300 million users
China’s good example of innovation
Moving into overseas market- America Kai-fu Lee Taiwanese-born
Former executive of
Apple, Microsoft
and Google
Now a tech celebrity with
more than 30 million
followers on Sina Weibo
briefly suspended recently
negative comments on Jike rote education system
blocking of Facebook, Twitter and other creative influences China's Internet Environment creativity cannot flourish in China because of China's True innovations would be delayed.
Too radical and too cowboy-like
Steve Jobs
Larry Page and Sergey Brin In order to get funding, a new venture needs to show which US set-up they are analogous to. ‘King of Clones’ Despite his cry for creativity Kai-Fu Lee is known as ‘King of Clones’ to his competitors.

His company, Innovation Works, funds ventures that replicates businesses like Tumblr and Quora. Google's Harrow Experience Mr Lee headed Google China (China-based search engine) when it entered China’s market in 2005.
Google entered China’s market with the idea that engagement even at the price of censorship was a net gain for the Chinese people. But it suffered
state-led media attacks
growing demands on self-censorship
a secret and relentless campaign to hack the company

Finally, it withdrew from China in 2010 Conclusion Chinese Internet Circumstances Chinese online business successes and foreign firms failures How the Chinese Internet Environment curbs creativity and drives out innovation Questions? Self-censorship Companies have to self-censor on political issues
Still encounter obstacles when they look likely o gain from too much market share. Chinese propaganda for online games Before 2003:
“Opium” or “Heroin” Addiction After 2003: The Communist Party
recognised them:
Cultural Power
Economic Potential The Cultural Power of Online Games The Ministry of Culture classifies online games as: “Cultural products” The Cultural Power of Online Games Examples Only trusted domestic social-media channels can carry those online games Great Economic Profit ! Chinese Online Business Model “Clone” Western product and build a barrier against entrance of foreign competitors

What is required:
Competent and politically reliable Engineers

What is NOT required
Anyone who opposed to this business model 70% Foreign games market share
2010 Foreign games market share
recent 30% Overview Areas like: News and information
Social media
Online games The Communist Party wants online games to tell Chinese stories Not South Korea, USA or Japan This is achieved by regulations to limit foreign games "Glorious Mission", a video game
created by the Chinese government Creativity or doing something different is not encouraged or rewarded. Kai-fu Lee Online Games Chinese Online Business Model MGMT 5610
Applied Professional
Business Communicaitons Present by 30 /05/2013
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