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Planning 10

No description

Earl A

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Planning 10

The problem
Making Healthy Relationship Choices
Jill’s boyfriend Jim gave her a cell phone for Christmas. She was very excited, however, it came with a lot of conditions. She is only allowed to talk to Jim on the phone and no one else. When Jim finds out that she used the phone to talk to her friend, he becomes enraged and starts yelling at Jill. She is afraid he will hurt her if she breaks up with him.
The three main methods are:
Pro's and Con's
Step by step
We are going to use the step by step method because it is the best for dealing with relationship issues
Today we will work on fixing relationships. I will be doing an example to show you. Then you will be picking one to work on which will be due tomorrow.
Hi Class!
The steps of the step by step method
1. Identify and examine the problem

2. Brainstorm about the choices you have and the consequences that it will cause

3. Select one and do it

4. Reflect/ Evaluate
Brainstorming ideas
What can Jill do to diffuse the situation and makes sure no one gets hurt?
Tell her close friends about the situation
What is the problem?
Jill's boyfriend is angry because he gave her a phone on Christmas with the condition that she would use it only to talk to him. He found out that she had been talking to other people with the phone. Now he is showing signs of aggression. Jill does not want to be with him anymore because he became clingy and she is afraid that he might hurt her.
Tell a trusted adult, for example a teacher or parent.
Try to work things out with him
They will help her get through this no matter what if they are real friends
They will try to talk to the boyfriend and calm him down
50% chance it might work or might not. It depends on the boyfriends personality on whether he will calm down or attack
Doing it
Jill decides to tell her close friends. And a few went with her to help talk and act as bodyguards in case he harms her.
Jill and her friends confronted Jim after school. And she explained to him that she does not want to keep dating him anymore. He was calm and understanding about the whole thing and tried to reason with her and ask her to stay with him, but she told him that she has had enough already. She gave the phone back and they walked away. Leaving Jim standing there.
Your Assignment
Pick one from these scenarios and use the step by step method to answer
Joe just got his ‘N’ license and his parents let him have the car until midnight. He and some of his friends agree to meet at a house party. Some of his friends are already drunk when he gets there and they ask him for a ride. When Joe says “no,” they pile into his car anyway. At a red light, they stop next to another car full of teenagers. Joe’s drunken passengers are egging him on to race the other car.
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Tim and Sean have been friends since kindergarten. After they went high school, Sean began to hang out with a new group of friends and started using marijuana. Now they are in Grade 10 and Sean is using marijuana daily but doesn’t think he has a problem. The relationship is strained but Tim still wants to be friends with Sean.
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