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An Inconvenient Truth Rhetorical Analysis

No description

Marque Long

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of An Inconvenient Truth Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis of An Inconvenient Truth(2006)

By: Marque Long

Beautiful Pictures of the Environment vs Critical Ones

Al Gore's childhood

Son's near-to-death experience

Hurricane Katrina

Comparison to 9/11

Scientifical Data
Uses numerous graphs that show rapid rise in temperature and Co2 emissions. Graphs showing trends in increase rise in Natural Disasters.

Money vs. Gold:

Personal Experience Ex. Near death experience with his Son/Loss to George W. Bush

Global Warming is not a political issue but moral issue.
Mis en scene: Use of the Earth in the beginning and at the end.

Intertitle Technique: Before and after, His speeches

Al Gore's Cartoon

Mise en scene: Al Gore Standing in The Middle of Katrina

The End
With the near-to-death situation with son and sister's death to cancer he began to cherish life thus establishing his ethos for caring for the environment.

Establishes that the issue is a moral issue instead of a political issue and makes his motives not self centered.

Data and statistics were used to confirm his claims about the reasons humanity causes disaster to its environment
Establishes Credibility

Gore acknowledges other arguments but refutes them with a mocking tone and logos as a result.

Conclusion: An Inconvenient Truth effectively informs people of the peril of global warming and encourages people to change to save the planet that we all live on.

Appeal To Authority: Having a scientific consensus

Appeal To Fear: Flooded cities/Storms/Droughts

False Cause: When there is more CO2, the temperature gets warmer, because it traps more heat from the sun inside

Slippery Slope:
Rhetorical Appeals
But why though?
Visual, Audio, and Editing Elements
An Inconvenient Truth is directed by Davis Guggenhein; it shows Al Gore educating citizens about global warming while emphasizing the importance of stopping it.
Logical Fallacies
Soundtrack: Instrumentals were used to evoke either despair or hope(Intensity of the Strings)

Diagetic Sounds: Sounds of Nature for the Essence of it

Soundtrack: Al Gore, Real Life News from Hurricane Katrina, "I Need To Wake Up"
Dissolve of images : Connection between incidents in global warming

Juxtaposing: Before and After

Short Take: Numerous pictures of global warming
Was Al Gore successful informing his audience?
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