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la Place de la Concorde

information about le Place de la Concorde

Nate Reisch

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of la Place de la Concorde

Timeline Today 1700 1722 1763 1830 The Creation - la Place de la Concorde is the largest
square in Paris.
- This square was built by Jaques-Ange Gabriel in 1722.
- There was a statue of King Louis XV (15th) in the middle the square.
- Yes, this square is still here today. Location - You can find this square in Paris, France.
(Show people where on paper) Reasoning Quick Review Interesting Facts la Place de la Concorde
Created by: Nate Reisch -If you go on google
maps, type in la Place
de la Concorde and
you can click on the
little bubble to get
a street view. -Originally, la Place de la Concorde was built to celebrate King Louis XV's recovery from his sickness.
- Then, during the French Revolution, the square was used, while having a guillotine, to behead many including King Louis XVI, Marie-Antionette, and Robespierre. Today - Today the square is used to remember the French History throughout time, while also having a lot of statues and fountains.
- These statues do represent something, but I will wait to tell you.
- There are two fountains, la Fontaine des Mers, and Elevation of the Maritime (pass out pictures).
- There is also an obelisk, called Cleopatra's Needle, which has hieroglyphics dated back when Ramses II and Ramses III ruled Egypt. (picture and vocabulary) - The square is in an octagonal shape (8 sides) with each point having a statue resembling a city.
- la Place de la Concorde has been named so many times, but stuck with la Place de la Concorde in 1830. 1722 - la Place de la Concorde is built by Jaques-Ange Gabriel. 1763 - Large statue of King Louis XV was erected. 1830 - The name settles as la Place de la Concorde. Today - Today The square is used to remember the past of France.
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