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Website Proposal

Youth Target Audience for Tourism Australia (hypothetical)

Stephanie Laura Hallab

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of Website Proposal

Website Proposal
Response to Design Brief
Client: Tourism Australia

The Product • In order to attract a youth target audience, it has been decided in response to the website brief, that the website proposed needs to be highly focussed with a clear theme and directly address youth interests, whilst still being uniquely Australian.

• Australia is most famous for its coastline and beaches, as places of sun, sand and surf and youth orientated culture.

• With such an abundance of beaches, it is hard for youth to find the best places to go, therefore, it is proposed that the new Tourism Australia website be focussed on the particular state of Sydney, which is Australia’s most populated Sydney and a large population of youth. Proposed Website Name: SUMMER BREAK on Sydney's beaches The proposed website will be directly focussed on Sydney’s beaches with highly youth orientated categories of interest, including:

• most popular beach
• best views
• most secluded
• surf central
• night life
• delicious food
• best shopping
• safest swim The Target Audience • schoolies students (those who have finished Year 12)
• youth on end of year school break
• university students on their end of semester break
• 23-25 year olds on work leave during this holiday period

This directly correlates with the concept of the website being “Summer Break on Sydney’s Beaches” at the peak holiday time of November/ December to the end of February

The title and concept of the site is encouraging the youth demographic to travel within Australia by playing on this idea of the summer break and the youth culture of the beach. SOCIAL NETWORKING LINK
• allow visitors to click on the link and be taken directly to the websites Facebook page
• give them the opportunity to share it with friends and increase the visibility of the site
• important part of youth culture and a necessary tool to make the website more available for viewing, and to give the youth demographic more ideas for traveling within Australia "Rate this Beach" area at bottom of each page
• where visitors can rate their experiences after traveling to the beach out of "five stars" and leave comments
• this encourages youth to travel to these beaches as well as being able to interact on the site, leave and get others tips and useful information Website's Navigation Structure • to make the website more visually exciting, the navigation will be set up in a series of “snapshot” images of the relevant beach
• image based so that when clicked on, it will link to the next page, rather than being a text or live link
• the navigation system will not be a banner but rather as eight separate images
• this design is attractive, visually appealing and more exciting to attract the youth demographic and reflect the youthfulness of the concept for the site

• inspiration:

australia.com visitcalifornia.com

visitcalifornia.com Proposed Site Map: Website’s Interface Design and Technical Specifications • image based to create a visually appealing website • both a header and footer banner as well as the eight main navigation links set out in a photo ‘snapshot’ style

• youth are avid photo takers and this layout will make it more current as it is geared towards their aesthetic- this design maintains the overall feel of the site while making the site intuitive to navigate

TEST/DRAFTS OF NAVIGATION 'snapshot' IMAGES: Ideas for background image: • it is important that is it easily read and recognisable while utilising a font that would capture a youth’s attention

• the chosen font for the current logo is the collegiate font Princetown to correspond with the idea of the spring break/ summer break

• the second font used is Handwriting- Dakota which is a handwritten/ sketch font, ideal for a young vibe

• this logo will be an image inserted onto the page so that it will be readable on all computers and work on any browser

• the aim is to create a logo that is persuasive and visually exciting that is directly connected to the concept for a youth audience

• importance has been placed so far on contrast, simplicity and impact to create a logo style that is young and energetic First Draft Logo • colour palette will be vibrant, youthful and visually exciting with a strong sensation of the beach, sun and sand, which includes shades of blue, yellow and orange • the website wheellifetravel.com has been used for inspiration
as it uses a notepad type theme/ layout
• casual and informal appeal which young people respond well to • the website ricasurf.com has also
been a main source of inspiration
concerning a number of elements
• it is youth targeted through its
design Website Proposal
Response to Design Brief
Client: Tourism Australia

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