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Beer Presentation

No description

Jasmine Hudson

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Beer Presentation

About Beer Beer Making Process Raw
Ingredients Types of Beer Breweries Lagers
Light beers
Bock Beers
Malt Liquors
Steam beer
Stout Water: 90% of beer

Malt: Barley

Hops: "Season"

Yeast Mashing Brewing Fermenting Lagering Turn barley starches into sugar Add flavor and sterilize the beer Add yeast to create carbon dioxide and alcoholic content Storage in order to ripen the beer Mega/Macro Breweries Regional Brewery Brewpub Microbrewery/
craft brewery Storage/Service/BoD The large beer manufacturers Produces 15k to 50k barrels per year Combo restaurant/brewery
At least 50% consumed on premises One that produces less the 15k per year Keep cool
Protected from ultraviolet light
Pour slightly tilted
LOUISIANA'S KITCHEN 5th most popular beverage

3500 different brands

Beer has been around since humans discovered grains we nutritious Organic Strong Other types of beer Draft Beer Beer Packaging Kegs, Bottles, Cans Developed in Germany Lively, mild, dry, light bodies, amber color Less alcohol and fewer calories Stronger, darker, high alcohol content lager with higher alcohol content fermented at higher tempratures | invented in America fast fermenting process dark, bittersweet, from England Black, aromatic
High alcohol content without pesticides or fertilizer Content 7% or above Not pasteurized Clean lines prevent bacteria 15.5 gallons for draft beer Typically 12 oz. Popular size is 12 oz.
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