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All About us:Bridget and Tamia

No description

Bridget Scott

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of All About us:Bridget and Tamia

Bridget: I like fashion. I also like reading books. I love lots of movies so I can't choose one. I also read books all the time so \I don't have a favorite book.

Tamia: I love to read books also. The genre I like to read is drama or comedy. Something I also like to do is bake cookies for special events or parties.
All About us:Bridget and Tamia
Bridget: I do not know what high school that I want to go to but I know what colleges I want to go to. I am thinking of going to Harved University or Yale University.I would like to learn how to write books, design clothing, and act.

Tamia: When I get older I want to go to a top college. The college I would like to go to is Yale University. At school, I would like to learn how to cook , bake, teach , write books and act
Bridget:I was born March 20,2003. I was born at Lincoln Hospital. I was also born around 12:00am.

Tamia: I was born December 3, 2003 in Lincoln Hospital. But, I dont know what time I was born.
Tamia: My family is from Jamaica. So, I am jamaican. I have 3 siblings. they are all girls. Their names are Tatianna(15), Candice(16), and Heaven(1). My parents names are Raymond and Nicola.

Bridget: My family is from
Ghana. I have 3 siblings as well, Ama sandra(23),Kelvin (22) and Joshua(8).My mom is named comfort but her real name is Esther, My dads name is Kwasi it is Ghannian name l ike Ama Sandra.
Bridget: When I grow up might become a fashion designer or a lawyer. I say this because they make a lot of money and it is going to help my bussiness skills. I also have many other dream jobs but i have those in my mind for now.

Tamia: When I grow up, I would also like to become famous for clothes, shoes, sneakers ,book, singing ,and modeling. I always believe that I can do it. It helps u experience business skills, and I can make lots of money.
The beginning of our lives
Our Familes
What we like

One of our favorite singers had to die her hair red for a tv show. she was in what show? whats her name?
What we want to learn in technology

In technology we want to learn how to code computer programs. Its intersting to learn something else that we never learned. We also want to learn how to create websites. Creating websites can be funny , or fun to play, or to learn about edcational things. In technology we would love to learn how to create phone apps. Technology is great and helps people communicate.
When We Grow Up
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