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Huong Nguyen

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of CSR-Prezi

Companies should focus on profit or have greater CSR to the society?
III. Actions performing CSR
I. Definition

II. CSR's benefits

III. Actions performing CSR
I. Definition
CSR = Corporate social responsibility
Eg: Children Inspire Design company :
Using + recycling materials
Companies should have
GREATER focus on CSR >> profit
II. CSR's benefits
1. To Society
Improved living standard
E.g. Coca-Cola company commits US $30 Million
to Clean Water Projects across Africa
Better public health
- Safe, qualified products/ services
1. To Society
2. To company
Attract, retain happy workforce 
Boost long-term profit
Build brand loyalty
II. CSR's benefits
2. To company
2. To company
- protect environment, human & animals rights
--> Make profits of > $60 million a year
1. Sustainability
* Environmental responsibilities

* Community responsibilities
* Environmental responsibilities
Industrial waste water treatment
VEDAN company
TRAPHACO company
* Community responsibilities: Charity
sports events
blood donations
other initiatives.
PWC regularly participate in charity
2. Stakeholder theory
III. Actions performing CSR
* The central focus is giving attention to every stakeholder in the entire company
Nguyen Thi Linh Chi
Vu Manh Nhan
Bui Phuong Linh
Nguyen Thu Huong

2.1-To Customers
Provide services or products with best quality
2.2- To Employees
2.3- To government
Eg: Toyota Vietnam: involves in a lawsuit, launched series of 9000 defective products (Innova)
Have warranty policies: to replace/provide a solution.
Respect employees: Because your employees will have contact with your customers
Public firing of Abel Lenz (infront of 1,000 other employees) by CEO Tim Armstrong
Follow all legislation in taxation, VAT
--> contribute to the country’s economic development
The rate of consumers who care about social and environmental activities of a company
- 80% of young people want to work
for an ethical company.
(Cone Millennial Cause group)
- 42% of PR is based on CSR
(The study of Reputation Institute NY)

Have positive public reputation (PR)
Polluted environment rate: 80%
CSR award in 2007

88% of customers - likely to buy from
a company that supports, engages in
activities to improve society.
CSR impact on employees
2.1-To Customers
--> 12/4 Toyota Vietnam has started a campaign
with free repairs to the 278 Camry
2.2- To Employees
Give non-financial/Financial Incentives.
-> A bussiness's concern for social welfare
E.g. Unilever Factories & Logistics
have reduced CO2 by 1 Million Tonnes since 2008
Environmental protection
- Recycling
- CO2 reduction
- founded ‘The Body Shop foundation’ charity
- supported a fair trade program
- did anti-animal testing...
Eg: The Body Shop has
- Corporate-sponsored community education
- Housing and anti-poverty programs
- Charitable contributions
Say "No" to tax avoidance/ tax evasion
“Come from a place of being socially responsible – you owe it to our future generations.”
~ Arvind Devalia
It is not just making money
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