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Artist Presentation (Camille Pissarro)

No description

Bria Jones

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Artist Presentation (Camille Pissarro)

Pissarro's Works Background Info Pissarro Cont. - Pissarro is the only artist to have his work shown at all eight Paris Impressionist exhibitions.
- The "most real and naive member" of the Impressionist group Examples of Impressionism Impressionism - Described visual art in the late 19th Century
- Emphasized the conveyance of an overall impression of a particular scene
- Usually outdoors, using primary colors and short brushstrokes to represent the appearance of reflected light
- Capture's the artist's perception of the subject rather than the subject itself. Bria Jones Artist Presentation Camille Pissarro - Jacob Abraham Camille Pissaro (July 10th, 1830-November 13th, 1903)
-Danish/French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter born on the island of St. Thomas The Woods at Marly, 1871 The garden of Pontoise, 1875
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