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This prezi is about the geothermic power station. I created it for a biology and geology project. Hope it's useful :)

Julia Castro

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of Geothermic

The 600º water vapor is concentrated from the inside of the Earth to the power station, evaporating the water. High-presured water vapor moves the turbine, which moves the generator and changes the kinetic energy into electricity.
Renewable energy
Abundant energy
Constant 24h per day
Clean and cheap
It doesn't need oil and coal
Visual Impact
It has a huge visual impact, because this power stations are enormous. They are usually plazed far away from the population. It doesn't really pollute, but it destroy loads of animal's and plant's habitats. These are one of the best power stations in the world, because they don't pollute.
It can't be transported
Big and expensive power stations
Huge visual impact in the landscape
Geothermic Power Stations in the world.
The power station's use is reduced to a few areas in the world. They are placed in
New Zealand, United States
Uses the earth's heat
Water vapor is transformed into water again and this cycle starts again.
Water is heated, chaging
into water vapor.
Water vapor moves the turbine, wich moves the generator.
The turbine moves the generator, which changes kinetic energy into electricity.

Water goes through the
tubes until it reaches the
inside of the earth.
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