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Underage Drinking

No description

Steven yuan

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Underage Drinking

By Steven Yuan
Period 1

Underage Drinking

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984

"Today, an estimated 15 million Americans suffer from alcoholism and 40% of all car accident deaths in the US involve alcohol."(ALCOHOL: A SHORT HISTORY)

People should be aware of underage drinking, and the government needs to enforce the law to prevent teenage alcoholism.
Researches and surveys indicate the amount of teenagers who drink alcohol has increased in these past years.
Increasing Teenage Drinking
Teenage alcohol control becomes a problem in today's society.
According to the data from the 2005 Monitoring the Future study
3/4 of 12th graders
More than 2/3 of 10th graders
About 2 in every five 8th graders
Have consumed alcohol !
In addition to the U.S. annual survey, other research shows that the younger children and adolescents start to drink, the more likely to engage to harm themselves and others. (Underage Drinking-NIAAA)
Negative Consequences
There are many negative consequences on adolescents.
School problems

Social problems

Legal problems

Physical problems
Alcohol causes serious health problems.
"Liver effects and elevated liver enzymes.
Some degree of liver damage have been found in adolescents who drink alcohol."(Underage Drinking)
Why do people care ?
Adolescence is a key period in human development, a time of dramatic changes.

"Recent publications by the Surgeon General and the Institute of Medicine outlined many prevention strategies require actions on the national, state, and local levels."(Underage Drinking)
Jailed or fined
Adults can drink.
People believe citizens legally become adults at the age of 18, it is their right to drink, but it is
Increasing alcoholism
Nightclubs and bars
Drunk driving
In conclusion, drinking alcoholic beverages is an unwise choice, and it brings people's lives in dangerous situation. The government has to enforce the law to forbid underage drinking.

What can we do ?
Make posters
Hold speeches
Talk to adolescents openly about alcohol.
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Such as...
The enforcement of minimum legal drinking age law is necessary.
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