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Cradle, Cradle Lacrosse

No description

lis lab3

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Cradle, Cradle Lacrosse

Cradle, Cradle Lacrosse
Famous Person

By Austin and Matt
Put your two hands in the
middle of the stick and push the player
Goal of this sport is:
To score a goal
Where do you play this sport:
On a turf field
Don't whack the player with your stick really hard or you'll get called for a foul
To play lacrosse you will need a helmet,rib pads(optional),shoulder pads,a lacrosse stick cleats,elbow pads, and gloves
Lacrosse History:
Lacrosse was began in North America by Native Americans
To pass you bring your stick back by your shoulder and
throw the ball. To catch you watch the ball into your stick
and don't snap at it let it come to you
Bring your stick back on an angle and shoot the ball
Steve Carell was
born on August 16
1962 in Concord,
Steve Carell
He played lacrosse
during his time at
The Fenn School
in Massachusetts
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