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Living in Germany: Life of a GJU Outgoings Student

No description

Ru'a Al-Abweh

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Living in Germany: Life of a GJU Outgoings Student

Presented by: Ru'a Al-Abweh (Outgoing 2011/2012) WG/Apartment Contracts NEVER
sign a contract without reading and understanding it completely!!! Living in Germany Life of a GJU Outgoings Student Buy a canvas grocery bag! a. Cooking
b. Cleaning
c. Spending time with students
d. Paying the rent
e. Tap water Money and Expenses How much can I spend per month? Keep a log of your spending Limit for how much you withdraw per month Keep some money with you and use your bank card when you can Transportation a.Very easy
b.Busses, Ubahn, S Bahn , Strassenbahn
d.Focus on your stop
e.Deutsche Bahn application Don't over-shop! Share items with Mitbewohner Trash Separation & Recylcing a.Fee!
b.Special trash bags for each type of trash
c. Pfand Language [ Bitte =) ] Grocery Shopping Daily Interaction a.Private people
b.Friendly when approached
c. Tolerant DEUTSCH! DEUTSCH! DEUTSCH! Making Friends a.Hang out with Germans
c.Don’t stick with Arabs only Intercultural Communication a. Don't listen to stereotypes
b. Break stereotypes
c. Tell people about Jordan Things to Do For Fun a. Festivals
b. Flohmarkt
c. Rivers
d. Biking
e. Travel
f. Weihnachtsmarkt
g. Concerts
h. Museums Travel a. Deutsche Bahn –Schoenes Wochenende, Offers
b. Mitfahrgelegenheit
c .Eurolines
d. Ryan Air
e. Take care of your belongings! (lost passport, ID, money, etc)
f. When is the best time to travel? Loved! a.Chocolate (and sweets)!
c.Street musicians
e.Independence Didn't Love a. Food
b. Paperwork Do's Don't's a. Be loud on transportation
b. Be hesitant
c. Fiddle with your phone
d. Be noisy on Sundays a. Be friendly
b. Be social
c. Work hard Final pointers! a.Give respect, earn respect
b.Be open.
c.Be responsible.
d.Bitte auf Deutsch sprechen!
e. Enjoy every minute :) Useful Links a. Deutsche Bahn
b. Deutsche Bank Online Banking
c. Mitfahrgelegenheit
d. Google Maps
f. Hostel World
g. German Jordanian Exchange
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