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Medieval Knights and Castles

History Assignment

Angel Yen

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Medieval Knights and Castles

Medieval Knights and Castles How Did A Boy
Become A Knight? The Feudal Pyramid As you can see on the picture, the King is in the highest rank. Because the Land is big, the king
needs help from the people that are inside the
"Feudal Pyramid". The King Grants land to "Lord", which then will provide the king money and knights The Lord will grants land to the "Knights" too, in return the knights provide protections and millitary services. Last and not least, the Knights grant the "Peasants" land, and in return the knights will receive foods and services when they are Comanded. By: Angel, Ersya and Ila Armor And Weapons Knights Castles The Attackers: When a boy is 8 years old he was sent to the neighboring castle where he was trained as a page

Usually they are the son of of a knight or a member of aristocracy

A boy spent most of his time strengthening his body, wrestling and riding

A boy practices with a wooden dummy called a quintain Castles The Attackers are the enemy of the Castle Defenders. The Attackers undermined the castle walls, bombarded the castles with Catapults, and laid siege to a Castle. They also usually fired arrows at the defenders to win, they also make holes in the walls with a Ram to destroy it very slowly. Knights Duties A knight had so much armor and weapons that he depended on his squire to keep them clean and in good working condition.

•A knight wore a linen shirt and a pair of pants as well as heavy woolen pads underneath the metal-ringed tunic.

•As time passed, knights covered their bodies with plates of metal and the wore a bucket like helmet to protect their head

Suits of armor were hot, uncomfortable, and heavy to wear, a suit of armor weighed between forty to sixty pounds

•A knight also needed a shield to hold in front of himself during battle, shields were made of either wood or metal.

•A knight's weapon was his sword, which was about thirty-two pounds and a knife was worn on the knight’s right side, knights used other weapons in combat as well. to serve his lord

protect the weak and defenseless

to fear god

to live by honor and glory

to fight for the welfare of all

guard the honor of other knights

to keep faith

always speak the truth

respect women castles were built at strategic points, were surrounded by moats and were fortified.
They were also built on hilltops, protected by thick walls, bombarded by catapults and, besieged by Attackers. moat The Defenders: A Defenders duty is to keep the castle, and everyone in it safe. They put fences around the castle, built stone walls, made walls thicker, dropped stones on Attackers, and dug ditches around their castle for moats. Castles usually had... a drawbridge
private chapel
service rooms
stables a great hall
a dungeon
a deep well Vocabulary Tournaments developed around the 10th century

it became all day events

could be attended by anyone

two favorite activities at the tournaments were the joust(2 knights) and melee(team sport)

joust and melee are both hard sports dungeon kerker stable pferdstall well Brunnen/Quelle Ziehbrücke Kapelle Rules of Joust 1.Only nobles may ride in a joust

2.You must have your own horse and equipment
3.You may use 3 lances(spears/stick) in each jousting match

4.You get 1 point for breaking your lance on your enemy's chest

5.You get 2 points if you break your lance on your enemy's helmet

6.You get 3 points if you knock your enemy off his horse and that ends the match also

7.If there is a problem or if you need something you can only talk to/ask your squire Draw bridge Chapel Squire combat gewähren grant Page rank rang Peasants Bauern English - Deutsch Knappe Aristocracy bekämpfen Page Adel ?!@#@$$!W$@#$#@$#%? ?!@#@$$!W$@#$#@$#%? quintain welfare quintain Wohlergehen ?!@#@$$!W$@#$#@$#%? ?!@#@$$!W$@#$#@$#%? Any Questions? Thank you for
listening to our
presentation, have
a good day :) by: Angel,Ila,Ersya
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