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Action Research - One Less

Action research

adriana taboada

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of Action Research - One Less

One Less - Una Menos Organizational Sustainability Area of Concern (A) A: Insufficient organizational capacity at the lowest level of the organization mostly consisting of the coordination of volunteers and action teams as well as the inability to achieve and sustain committment by volunteers Methodology (M) Findings One Less Challenging Situation * Lack of volunteer interest

* Insufficient organizational capacity

* Challenge of keeping student liaisons involved past their graduation from MIIS

* Roles of student liaisons are not clearly defined Alethia Jimenez- Director

Jan Black- Board Member and MIIS Faculty Member

Johanna Lounsbury- MIIS/One Less Student Liaison

Zia MacWilliams- MIIS/One Less Student Liaison

Adriana Taboada- One Less Volunteer Coordinator

Maureen Fura- Funder- Richard Fura Fellowship Interviewees CATWOE We used the CATWOE tool to better understand the organization's environment and the area of concern we decided to focus on. Sample Interview Questions What is your involvement with One Less?
What is your vision for One Less?
How can the student liaison program
be improved?
How can One Less encourage involvement
of student liaisons past their graduations? by Adriana Taboada, Elizabeth Carlson-Bast, Johanna Lounsbury and Tahmina Karimova C: One Less- Una Menos A: Student liaisons and volunteers T: Develop a set of actions focusing on the organizational capacity that will help recruit and retain student liaisons and volunteers W: It is important to maintain a link between different neworks interested in eliminating human trafficking to educate the public on human trafficking issues and leverage the passion of volunteers in order to sustain the efforts of One Less. O: Alethia Jimenez and student liaisons E: Lack of funding, volunteer abilities and commitment Methodology Continued... Rich Picture Process ` One Less Ecosystem MIIS Community (faculty and students)
South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking Rich Picture of A Questions? • Inadequate organizational structure
• Unclear roles and limited communication
• Limited incentives for volunteers and graduates
• Lack of clarity of One Less identity at MIIS
• Inadequate outreach and recruitment
• Limited local presence Recommendations Set regular meeting times
Provide TORs with due dates
Incorporate the work of One Less into the curriculum of a class
J-Term Practicum
Organize more local and community events in the area
Create a Coalition to End Human Trafficking in the area
Leadership of STOP and One Less should be separate
Grant fellowships to the leadership team

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