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Christian Hunter

on 3 February 2014

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Have You Heard
Of Iceberg Erosion?

If You Want To Help, This Is What You Can Do.
some areas are more affected by icebergs because the glaciers are breaking causing Icebergs to form and move across the ocean, which may cause a ship wreck, like the TITANIC.
Areas Affected
Iceberg calving

Iceberg calving may be caused by ocean wave action, contact with other icebergs, or the behavior of melting water on the upper surface of the berg.
Landforms Created Or Destroyed By Icebergs.
The Iceberg sculpts and carves the land as it moves.

If it is melted then it can cause the sea level to rise and flood land.

The ice of the Iceberg erodes the land surface and carries broken rock and soil debris to other places to make landforms.
It is caused by the edge of a glacier that advances into the ocean and breaks off into pieces.

Did You Know?
How Can You Protect Land?
The End!
Authors: Colby Boyd and Christian Hunter
Floating ice shelves are a continuation of the flowing mass of ice that makes up the continental ice sheets.
You can protect land from Icebergs by stopping global warming from happening. If global warming comes into affect then the glaciers will melt causing Icebergs to form.
You can start by not causing air pollution. You can do this by not causing smoke with harmful chemicals.
recycle renewable resources.
Plant trees so that less carbon- dioxide can be in the atmosphere and so it can produce more oxygen.
Conserve water
a large floating mass of ice detached from a glacier or ice sheet and carried out to sea.
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