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The country I chose for this project is Haiti. I chose Haiti because I would like to help out there someday. They have so many devastated people living there! I think it would be cool to go there and help out.


on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Haiti

Haiti By Kayla Witt Landforms Labadee Bay Port- Salut Beach Morne ducibao Historical Site Bodies of Water Flag Five Facts! Language Climate Population 9,035,536 French
Creole Caribbean Sea Atlantic Ocean Gulf of Mexico Tropical- It rains
a lot the lower you get. It has 2 rain seasons. April-June and October-November. It had a huge earthquake this year that killed a lot of people.
Port-Au-Prince, the capital is the largest city in Haiti.
Haiti was the first nation in Latin America to gain sovereignty, which is a complete government.
Haiti shares an island with Dominican Republic.
Haiti is the poorest country in the world. and Haiti means a "mountainous land" A walking tour that amazes you. You walk around and see historic ruins of Nellis Tower and learn about the Haitians over the last 500 years!! Labadee Historic Walking Tour- Map of Country Activities in Labadee Capital-Port- Au- prince THE END!!!
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