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The Great Peace of Montreal

No description

Mikaela Ripley

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Great Peace of Montreal

The Great
of Montreal Facts about the First Nations
people The French People had a lot more money then the First Nations People did.

The French People usually wanted furs when it came to trading because they wanted to make clothes out of it so they could wear the latest fashions.

The French People were from France

Facts about the french people On August 4, 1701 the treaty was signed. Who was the treaty between?
The French and First Nations?
The Acadians and Iroquois?
The First Nations and the Acadians?
Whoever this treaty was between, The treaty meant that on both sides they agreed to have peace between each other for 16 years before the war started so they could have trade between one another. About the treaty Population Was the treaty a good idea?


For myself, I think that it was a good idea because it gave The French, and First Nations people time to trade, it also gave them time to make friendships with each other and even relationships. Do you think the treaty was a good idea? What did the French and First Nations trade? What do you think the population of Montreal is?
At the time of the treaty, There was lots of people in Montreal because the French wanted to trade with the First Nations people. When Trading the french usually gave the First Nations pots, furs from animals, and food. The First Nations gave the french in return food, wood and especially fur. In Canada their was 704,851 First Nations people living there.

The French were much more richer then the First Nations were.

The First Nations people worked hard everyday to get food, and supplies like fur, to make clothing with.
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