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Start of Utopian Communities

No description

Lauren Wesolowski

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Start of Utopian Communities

Utopian Communities
Antebellum Reform Movement
Didn't develop because of a problem
Ambitious ideals
Started with good intentions but didn't last
Start of Utopian Communities
No huge activists
Many different leaders for each community
Many different Utopian Communities with different ideals
People Involved
To achieve political or social perfection in a community
Overall Goal
Different beliefs and values for different communities
Not many people opposed to the overall idea of a utopian community
New Harmony- Robert Owen
Brook Farm- George and Sophia Ripley
Oneida Community- John Noyes
Rappities- George Rapp
Shakers-Jane Wardley and Mother Ann Lee
Utopian Communities and their Leaders
Religious Communities:
- Rappities

Communities With Other Beliefs
- Oneida
- Brook Farm
Beliefs and Values
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