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No description

kyler thomas

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of THE OARFISH

What if its environment changed?
Let's just say that the oarfishs main diet of small fish and invertebrates has run low, to survive the oarfish would have to move into a lighter section of the ocean and have its eyes adapt to the light. It would also have to adapt to its new menu by getting small, sharp teeth on that highly protuding jaw it has!

The Oarfish environment
The Oarfish can be found lurking in the twilight zone of any temperate to tropical oceans
The Oarfishs adaptations
The Oarfish is a Lampriforme that has a long, tapering, scaleless body that they use to 'row' through the ocean.
The Oarfishs final and weird adaptation
Unlike most of the other fish in the sea, the Oarfish does not, which is very strange, have an anal fin or a gas bladder!
Like I said, very weird.
Oarfish adaptations
The oarfish has a highly protrusible jaw that has no visible teeth that it uses to eat small fish and invertebrates.
Oarfish adaptations
It has a long, red dorsal fin that stretches across its entire body, and has a stringy crest atop its head that is a red color along with its dorsal fin.
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