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Lam Hing

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of ipad

Background Apple was estabilshed on First of Apral, 1976 by Steven Jobs.
The past 30 years, developed from buggy computers to silm portable devices.
After the success of Iphone, Apple introduce Ipad on 27th of January,2010
Ipad will be sell on 3rd of April.

Apple's new ipad is poise change the
world of publishing Ipad runs the same operation system with iphone. Contents of the News People can buy and download E-books from ibook store.

The news claims that ipad will possibly change the reading habit of human and so the world’s pubilshing and a paperless world is coming soon. Actually, the E-book device market is growing in a extremely high speed. Some of the school in Singapore has tried to repalce the heavy textbooks by E-book some years before.

However, will the paperfree world really comes true? With a bigger screen. People can buy and download E-books from ibook store.
The pre-orders of ipad has excessed 200,000 and ipad videos have gone viral with millions of hits on YouTube. It shows the popularity of ipad clearly. A new function in ipad – ibook Some books with copyright regulations may become free to download and the profits of the editors will be affected.

Someone do not like to read on the screen and easily feel tired after a long period reading.

Once if virus attack the device or the device is out of order, all of the books stored will be lost.

Some of the book store and printing factories may fail to run if the number of customers decrease continuously. Thus most of the employers will lose jobs.
Cons of Reading on Ipad Pros of Reading On Ipad As the chairperson of apple said, there will be a e-voice function in ipad which means that you do need to keep your eyes on the screen and someone will read the content of the book for you. And when you find that there are some words which you don’t know the meaning, you can check it directly by simply a click.

It is envirnmentally friendly since paper can be save. For example, if we read the newspaper on ipad, we will save a lot of paper everyday. However, it use electricity.

Books can be sold around the world through internet. Therefore, we can buy the magazines or comics form other countries easily and quickly.

It can save a lot of space since a huge number of books can be stored in the small device. Moreover, it can reduce the weight of students’ school bags if it replace all the textbook and notes.

E-service provided by the library in the future can enhance the reading atmosphere since borrowing books form library becoming easier.
My Opinion I think the electronic book is a very appealing idea. Since we are able to carry a large number of books on a small device. Moreover, we can read the book and listen to music at the same time.

Certainly, a plenty of people like the real paper, the smell and the physical feeling form touching paper. Some people also treat books as a collector’s item.

In conclution, the invention of ipad will certainly affect the whole publishing industry. But it is not easy for it to repalce the whole industy in the coming years.
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