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Distance Education Classroom Management

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on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of Distance Education Classroom Management

Managing Controversy
Distance Education
Classroom Management

Ciera McNeal
CUR/ 532
Instructor Danene Mims
Opportunities for controversy

1. Misinterpretation of Text based learning

2. Anonymity

3. Learning within a asynchronous learning
Strategies for addressing controversy
1. Look for signs of conflict and unease within
the discussion board among students.

2. Encourage critical thinking from learners that are more fact based rather than feeling.

3. Instructors should provide a supportive and
enriching learning environment.

4. Diffuse interpersonal conflict quickly
and efficiently.
Factors that Can affect self- efficacy
1. Mastery

2. Experience

3. Social Persuasion

4. Physiological
Minimizing their effect
1. Learners introducing themselves
within the discussion boards aids
in familiarity.

2. Provide an outlet for students to
post positive comments and offer feedback
on the course.

3. Engage students in discussions for a
sense of community. Grading expectations
will aid in promotion of this.

4. Aid in decreasing a students anxiety about the
course. Building a professional rapport can be
Vilkas, B., & McCabe, C. (2014, May ). Promoting Students’ Self-Efficacy in the Online Classroom. Faculty Focus.

Kelly, R. (2013, March ). Managing Controversy in the Online Classroom. Faculty Focus.

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