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Our Prezi indroduction

No description

Alexander Wimmer

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Our Prezi indroduction

This our prezi we will now introduce ourselves
Alexander Wimmer 7th grade
I live with my Dad he is the mayor of Isanti, My Mom is a doctor, My sister is my sister, My canines Kiaser From the Russian Monarchy, and Baron a noble lord.
When I become old enough for a job I want to be A mechanical engineer
1. Playing total war games on computer steam.(ex. Rome Total War 2 and Shogun Total War to the left) They are Strategy games were you Try and survive using war and economics.
2. Playing survival of the smartest when Try to beat the enemy with Nerf guns.
3. My favorite animal is the owl
4. My favorite color is ashen
5. My favorite ancient civilization is Rome for they had superior discipline formation and generals
6. I love to dig

The magnificent Alexander Wimmer
Rome Total War 2 Above Rome (red) are trying to defeat Greece (witch they will for they have superrior almost everything
Websites that we used
Kaitlyn the Horse lover ^_^
Our Prezi Introduction
Please pay attention Thank You ^_^
David Criswell 7th grade

5 favorites
riding my bike,fourwheeler,and snowmobile.
I build modle trucks and I like to sleep
what I want to be: I want to be a diesel mechanic. I like to help my uncle in the black smith shop.

David Criswell The mechanic
Group New Things
The things we are excited about this year
1. Chromebooks
2. Power hour
3. Being a 7th grader
The things we are excited about with chromebooks
1.Easier organization
2. Less paper
3. Unlimited space
4. More connection for research
Some links that might be helpful this year
From Mr. Brantley its a ruler that fits to your screen.
2. onlinestopwatch.com
it allows you to time up or down.
3. www.worldwidemetric.com/measurements.html
allows you to change metric everything to U.S. units
We are going learn more about STEAM this year
and David
Kaitlyn Fedewa 7th grade
The poeple in my family are my Mom, Dad, brother, My animals names are Jasper, Abby, Sonny, Chance, Rose, Apache, Oreo, Rocket, Trouble, Cocoa, Thunder, and Baby Boo.
When I grow up i want to be a Groomer for pets.
My favorites:
1. Color Teal
2. Car Jeep
3. Game Sims 3
4. Food lasagna
5. Animal Horse

1. We introduce ourselves (Alex, David, and Kaitlyn)
2. Alex does S in STEAM for science we wouldn't have all this technology K: because without science we wouldn't have all this stuff in this room. D: the experimentation of ideas
3.Alex says T is for Technology K: Without technology we would not be able to have computers or phones. D: Technology keeps us connected.
4.David says E is for Engineering and Environment A: we need to respect the environment and know how to build. K: If we don’t respect the environment we won’t have much to look at and if we didn’t have engineering we wouldn’t have cars or trucks. D: its what makes our technology
5. Kaitlyn says A is for Art Without art we would not have much to look at because there would be empty walls and just plain stuff A: it brings joy to the world D: its something thats entertaining
6. Kaitlyn says M is for Math if we didn’t have math it would be very hard to do some of the things we think are easy D: its the thing that educates us in figuring out everyday things like gas amount

Alex STEAM is our schools basis for learning It is a way to reach your educational goals in life with STEAM it is fun and educational. It is our learning way kind of like the Bluejacket Way for how we act this is the way we learn by STEAM. It is how our school learns and is educated.

Science is the questioning and development of things in our society.

Technology is what we use everyday it is a research tool for learning and education in school it is the best thing to learn with today

Engineering/Environment is number 1 is extremely important today the constructing of new ideas and items in our lives 2 is what we live in the environment it is what we we have to preserve and respect it is our past and future is is what our future lies on.

Art is what we do in our free time it is our passion ideas into a picture or a painting it is a part of everyones life.

Math is the art of solving puzzles
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