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Should men get paternity leave from work.

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Kitty Cat

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Should men get paternity leave from work.

Men should have paternity to leave to be with their family. The women were pregnant for 9 months and after having the baby they should be able to get their strength back, get some rest, and also heal from the birth. Women shouldn't have to be alone during this time. Most times the men typically would've been working while the women was staying at home. The men should be able to bond with their child also that first few days or so because then somebody will eventually have to go back to work. Little things that can be done like cleaning, bathing and feeding the baby and having many more precious moments to come.
Authors Tones
1992 - President George W Bush vetoed the family and medical leave act claiming that it was hard for employers to know when to grant employees leave

1993 - President Clinton signs the FMLA giving employees in companies with 50 or more workers the option of taking up to 12 weeks unpaid vacation withing a year.

1999 - The Council of economic adviser, advised the president on economic matter such as parents were under unprecedented pressure and spend significantly less time with their children than in 1969.

Also in 1999 a United Nation's organization revealed that Americans work longer hours than employees in other industrialized countries.
Why men should have paternity leave (Bias)
Steps In Revolutionizing Family Leave Policies
Professor B. Stone

Should men have paternity leave?
Tyler Jones
Oshane Henderson
Jasmine Cashaw
Things we've learned
Through may witnesses and testimonies it's stated that people feel men are insufficient caregivers
In Sweden and Britain there were many evaluations/surveys as to whether the men were capable of even being at home and their motives
The US was one of the last few to even introduce national legislation for paid parental leave
Germany was the first to introduce the maternity leave rights in 1883
Between 15-20% of women want the men to go back to work after birth
Revolutionizing Polices Continued
2000 President Clinton funded $20 million towards a study of how states effectively pay parents on leave
Authors Purposes
The tones used in our project are:
Our purpose is to persuade and inform about father's being eligible for paternity leave. We want to persuade the readers by stating examples to convince them that it's only fair for the men and new family. We will be informing our readers by listing out how the reasons why jobs and surveys of families feel it's unnecessary or necessary for these men.
Pattern Of Organization
Compare & Contrast
Cause & Effect
Did the group make a connection and if yes give examples
What is Paternity Leave?
Paternity leave - is an employee benefit that provides paid or unpaid time off work to care for a child (usually new born) or to make arrangement for child welfare.
Important Facts
Estimates revealed that women take significantly more maternity leave to care for children than men
275,000 women take leave in any given month compared to an average on 6,000 men according to the department of labor.
Nearly 70% of all mothers have paying jobs. A 38% increase from 1968 which inform us that mothers have significantly less time to spend with their children.
Over the year men increasingly spend more time with children in contrast to women decreasing role.
Due to Families and work survey 70% percent of men said they wished they spent the desired amount of time with their children as they would want to.
This issue came to an international spotlight in March 2000 when British Prime Minister Tony Blair denies his wife's request for him to take a week of paternity leave in order to care for a baby due in April. He denied her request saying that by telling her "I have to run the country".
His decision were criticized by American and British analysts saying that he neglected a rare opportunity to set examples for working class fathers. This may have help set a precedent that no job important enough to avoid helping out with child rearing once in a while.
Problems Causing Paternity Leave
What causes the low rates of paternity leave.
Employers are less understanding of men familial commitments than of women
How can problems with taking paternity leave be resolved
What Can Men Do:
Communicate with supervisors more efficiently about their situation
Be more demanding in taking Paternity Leave
Employers wont know how to respond if you don't make them aware
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