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SHU CSwF Timeline

No description

shahrzad zargari

on 14 January 2017

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Transcript of SHU CSwF Timeline

Case Study
SHU CSwF Community
Interesting Subject Material
Implementation stage
Receiving Feedback
Enhancing Students' learning experience
Student engagement
Student satisfaction
Most research in recent years has focused on identifying the key factors that promote academic success among students in HE.
Positive conduct,
e.g. following the rules
Self-regulation, personal goals & autonomy
Effective responses,
e.g. interest, attitude
Raising the standards in teaching Computer Forensics
Developing responsible and autonomous student
Case Study:
Improving the labs
Staff development
Attending courses & conferences
Relevance to Industry
Expanding Network
Collaboration with Industry
Inviting guest lecturers
Hosting Events
Enthusiastic Inspirational Lecturers
Staff training
Recruiting more staff
Supporting teaching staff
Peer support
LTA conferences
University wide
Difficult and Challenging
Improving modules' contents
PAS Sessions
Peer Assisted Sessions
Our Students' Graduation Ceremony
Hosting Events
Our Social Events
Discussion and Conclusions:
The journey started with a students' survey in order to enhance their learning experiences.
Main factors determined by students:
Interesting subject material
Relevance to Industry
Enthusiastic Inspirational Lecturers
Receiving feedback
After the Implementation Stage, it was found that there are at least to more significant factors namely,
Sense of belonging
and Caring teachers
Forming a forensics community
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