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No description

Courtney Hammond

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of FLYGIRL

By: Sherri L. Smith
Presentation By: Courtney Hammond

Author Biography
Sherri L. Smith currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

She writes books for young adults and children,
Received an award from the American Library Association for Best Book for Young People.

Sherri lives with her husband and currently spends her time working on her new novel.
She also visits schools and libraries to see her readers regularly.

Falling Action
is when Thomas comes home alive and Lily also goes home due to her pregnancy. Ida goes to more training.

is Ida going home and telling everyone the truth.
Similar Author
Tanita S. Davis
Ida Mae Jones- The main character


Patsy Kake

Lily Lowenstein





The two main places:
Slidell, Louisiana

Sweetwater, Texas
Begins in 1941
Ends around 1944
What I would change:
I would take out Patsy's death.
Why I recommend this book:
It is very realistic with a believable plot (not far fetched and information about the war is accurate)

You instantly get attached to characters (like Patsy)
Wrote a book called "Mare's War"- similar to "Flygirl"

Both authors have moved around a lot

Both authors have done many different things throughout their life

Plot Sequence
: Explains how racial everyone is. Ida can't get her pilots license because she is a women, and colored. She cleans houses and crop dusts on her dads old plane for money.

The Rising Action
begins when Ida first learns about the WASP Program and wants to join. She also learns her brother is enlisting.

The Climax
is when Ida realizes many things about herself and being a WASP.
Plot Sequence 2
What I liked most:

The characters
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