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Integrated Mathematics I course

Giving a step-by-step "walk through" of the unit or lesson, including descriptions of the tools/activities/resources By: Conor Raftery

conor raftery

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Integrated Mathematics I course

Theoretical Probability Definition of Theoretical Probability Video Describing Theoretical Probability on Math Minute Defintion of theoretical Probability is a likelihood that an event will happen. Here we can find the theoretical probability of an event Go to this website to flip a coin and find the probability of each flip http://www.betweenwaters.com/probab/flip/coinmainD.html

If we toss a fair coin 25 times, what is the probability that a tail will show up? Open up Microsoft Excel and take your probabilities into
a data collection sheet in Excel
Here is a video tutorial
btw this guy is kinda of cheesy
Once you put this data into excel you need to explain
in your own words the theoretical probability of the coin flips and how probability relates to real life situations

Print off the excel sheet and hand it into the teacher at the end of class
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