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Changing america minds

No description

austin schwart

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Changing america minds

Young people would be more influenced around social media to understand most of the life as an Arab americans World 1-1 Short Cut Boss Battle 1-1 Goal Stepping stones Television SUPER EFFECTIVE Changing American mind By: Austin Schwart Create an "Arab Friendly" page on facebook Check Point Check Point American people are watching Arabic television, kids are play Arabic hero games and enjoying the idea of being friendly to our friends in the Middle-East, Also they are buying plane tickets to go to the Middle-East such as: Iraq, Jordan, and Syria. To expand the words of why Arab americans should be treated nicely to the public Very proud Americans still think Arabic people are terrorist but start to feel bad about they acted upon them Have The American people believe that not all arabic people are villains in every day life Broadcast the social media on either radio or television Use Google+ to also have people follow the Arab page Make a twitter account for Arabic friendly people and have them follow the page Video games In the video games the protagonist should be an Arabic character to save the world from the evil Arabic (the ones that disgrace their own kind and religion) has high flying action and free running aka "Prince of Persia: Sands of time." There are movies and TV shows even commercials to help the American people like us to see that we can become friends with Arabic people and learn some facts about them and how do they live, make a television show about switching your life with an Arabic life and see how much problems they have to go thru. Commercials will be on around 6pm until 12am and will be playing during Reality TV.
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