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Copy of Total Participation Techniques

Student Engagement

Robyn Lopez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Total Participation Techniques

Sally Piepenbrink
January 4, 2013 Total Participation Techniques "How can we make
every student an
active engaged
learner?" Stand and Deliver Building a TPT
Questions and Prompts Picture prompts/questions as... Teachers Talk Less/ Students Talk More
Opportunities for students to SHINE
Teachers observe growth as it happens
Opportunities to demonstrate the depths of cognitive abilities
Students ideas are heard and valued
Teachers create a safe environment for students to participate Given opportunities to individually reflect on and react to the prompt
First Ripple
Outer Ripples
Rippling ensures that all students are reflecting on prompts/questions aimed at higher-order thinking
Provides safety and community Building Confidence Walking Around &
Following Through Moving Away from Right/Wrong Coping Mechanisms Actively Disengaged Passively
Disengaged Requires... Risk of peer rejection Encouragement Critical role in supporting students who struggle socially Students with special needs ...is essential for a TPT conducive environment Teacher's Belief System... Do you believe all kids are capable of big things?

Do you trust they want to learn? I trust you. I trust that you can learn from each other. I trust that you have amazing things to share. Accountability Gain EVIDENCE Consistent use of TPTs Great teaching opportunities = Student learning HO = Multiple Possibilities Justify Responses...

"How do you know?"
"Tell me more..." Time to Refine/Polish Thoughts Classroom Dynamics TPTs are teaching techniques that allow for all students to demonstrate, at the same time, active participation and cognitive engagement in the topic being studied.
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