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Gordon Korman

No description

Dan Ligon

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman Dan Ligon Early Life Date of Birth Born In Siblings October 23,1963 Montreal, Quebec in Canada None Education College Graduate School Degree New York University None B.F.A in 1985 for Film and Television Prodduction, but later switching to Dramatic Writing No More Dead Dogs No More Dead Dogs is the battle book that Gordon Korman wrote. It is about a football player named Wallace Wallace that is really a benchwarmer, but ends up winning the championship for his team. So, he's the most famous guy in town. But, his vow to never lie helped him get suspended from the team by writing a bad review about Old Shep, My Pal.After refusing to do a rewrite, he has to go to the play rehearsals for Old Shep, My Pal. He eventually ends up giving his opinion about the play, like the dog surviving the crash. He ends up completely changing the play with rollerblading, and a rock 'n' roll band. But, somebody is attempting to destroy the play, and all the actors blame it on Wallace. He defends himself and ends up saving the play on opening night by catching the culprit, the little brother of one of the lead actors. His English teacher frees him of going to the detention. He is therefore allowed to play football again, but he gives up football for the play. Other Books Dan Ligon Awards by Dan Ligon The Most Promising Writer Under Thirty-Five by The Canadian Authors' Association in 1980

IRA Children's Choice Award in 1986 for I Want To Go Home, and in 1987 for Our Man Weston

Markham Civic Award for the Arts in 1987

ALA Best Book List and Editor's Choice Award in 1988 for A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag

Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award in 1992 for The Zucchini Warriors Quotes
" I always start off with something real, then unleash my imagination to make it funnier, more exciting, and a better read." -Gordon Korman

" I try to make my characters funny and/or exciting because writing a novel is almost like living with those characters for a few months. " - Gordon Korman Parents C.I. and Bernice Korman Interesting Facts wrote his first book in 7th grade as an English assignment had his gym teacher as an English teacher in 7th grade he likes the idea of kids taking matter into their own hands when he writes He had published several books before graduating high school Gordon Korman was a B+ student Gordon Korman's favorite sport is hockey His books have sold about 7 million copies Adult Life Lives in Long Island Has a wife and 3 children He wrote about 55 books He met his future wife when he was in college
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