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Gritty Leaders

An introduction to how Gritty Leaders create high performing organizations that achieve sustainable success with maximum positive impact.

Paul Stavrand

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Gritty Leaders


While we have been moving away from the command and control leadership style towards approaches based on internal motivation and
Today's leaders will excel by creating maximum positive sustainable success

Until now

What makes a successful leader?
How can high performance be achieved long-term?
How does an organization reach triple or quadruple bottom line goals?
What is the key to generating broad positive impact?
Is it possible for everyone to thrive?
The key to a broadly thriving world filled with successful, sustainable businesses and
Gritty Leaders are vision driven, passionate, down to earth, resilient, doers who create success
Gritty leaders and organizations…

...have the capability of achieving broad ongoing success with positive impact,
...are persevering and adaptable in implementing long-term plans with
...and do not compromise their vision in exchange for an empty short-term boost,
Gritty Leadership is an approach and way of working that was derived from studying many successful leaders and leading organizations,
Vitality is having the fire burning brightly. It creates focused energy within people, operations and organizations.
Passion. Meaning.
Vision with values.
Vitality is the initial and ongoing push on the flywheel of your team.
Agility is the ability to make rapid adjustments to take
Many leaders and companies are able to catalyze excitement, grab a great idea, and find quick success.
How do you get Gritty?
Evaluate and assess. Work with design thinking. Innovate. Let nothing go stale. Adapt adeptly.
If you’re filled with energy and quick on your feet, but fail to develop the needed organizational momentum,
Confidence with capability. Following through.
Build momentum and you’ll have the strength to
Gritty Leadership
Analyzing the roots of Grittiness further, we identified the foundations of each of
the four Gritty Leadership attributes.
Agility, Vitality, Momentum.
Not too difficult to remember.
The tenets that comprise the Gritty Leader attributes are straightforward, non-linear, implementable actions,
Gritty Leaders enable their enterprises, team members and customers to thrive
Interested in learning more and becoming an especially Gritty Leader?
...we have not yet come to a paradigm for how to reliably build and lead thriving
momentum in the businesses and organizations they lead and serve.
while remaining focused on fulfilling the overarching vision;
nor remain rigidly bound by restrictive tactics or policies.
The outcome of this analysis is the four core attributes of Gritty Leaders:
Vitality provides the direction and the vigor to reach your destination.
Vitality is an ignited team.
Strong relationships. Generosity. Exuberance.
It powers your organization to move forward with internal motivation and confidence.
But only agile leaders and teams build sustainable businesses that adapt and grow.
Agility is a mindset, a skill set, an action plan and a core capability.
you'll be blown off course by the first wind of competition or market change.
Exceeding expectations. Throwing victory parties.
But how is it implemented?
aligned with most healthy leadership techniques and management tools.
by propagating healthy, innovative, human-centered, outcome-focused, long-lasting organizations.
paul <at> T5group.com
of both for profit and not for profit enterprises, across a spectrum of industries and fields.
creative strategies and day-to-day actions;
that unforeseen curve before you find yourself in a ditch.
tackle every challenge, and thrive in all environments.
shared goals via a focus on vision, purpose, engagement and empowerment...
organizations that produce sustainable success with ongoing positive impact.
organizations that create maximum positive impact is:
Tenacious. Holistic. Imaginative. Substantial.
Contact Paul Stavrand, founder of T5group:
across multiple bottom lines by fostering vitality, agility and
What does a Gritty Leader look like?
Copyright 2013 Paul Stavrand
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