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Copy of iPads_Teachers


Erin Waggoner

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of Copy of iPads_Teachers

Basics Apps Infinite Campus/Moodle

Limited Possibilites E-mail Search iPads Personal Purchasing:
From personal iTunes account
You will own the app
Regulated and reviewable at all times
Use professional judgement
You may not have the iPad forever, and JCS will not reimburse you School/District Purchases:
Owned by the school/district
Will not back up on a personal computer
Fill out PO, a voucher will be issued in correct amount
STC downloads app on iPad for you You will update the apps you buy, STC will update the ones the school buys No password protection. If kids are going to have their hands on it, you might want to temporarily turn your email off. Adding websites to Home Screen Switching between iTunes accounts iPad Moodle Site http://ilearn.jessamine.kyschools.us Misconceptions Cleared Up Data/Files stored within the application There is an adaptor you can buy for a presenter, but you can also put it under a document camera No software install (SMART notebook, etc) Most of what you do won't be free, so be aware of downloading books, apps, etc The iPad does not have Flash.
Brain Pop, Education City,
Study Island are all websites
that require Flash to run The iPad is not
a SMART tablet Try free/iPhone apps first! One of the best ways
to get your files off
the iPad Moving/Deleting Apps
Hold on an app until it shakes
Slowly drag the app where you want it
You can drag it on top of another app to make a folder
Tap the red X to delete the app Hard Reset
Hold Sleep/Wake Button and
Home button for about 15 sec.
The screen will go black and the
Apple logo will appear
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