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The Story of Cloud

No description

Pat Silver

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The Story of Cloud

Larry the lawyer is starting his own law firm.
Larry's business needs
Word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation tools
Communication tools
Online file sharing
Cloud allows small businesses with little IT expertise to have enterprise level technology infrastructure
His business is up and running faster
I need IT infrastructure for my small business
Leading to greater productivity
So KnowledgeCentrix goes to Ingram Micro
By Browsing
On demand
So Larry can obtain a "law firm in a box"
Larry & KnowledgeCentrix negotiate to create a quote
KnowledgeCentrix configures the solution for Larry on ingrammicrocloud.com
Guided Path on ingrammicrocloud.com makes it easy to configure the right solution
The "Basic" option will fulfill Larry's needs
Larry's solution is comprised of multiple vendors
And Larry has a single invoice for all services
And his business operates efficiently, utilizing best in class IT standards through cloud computing
Larry's firm gets to focus on law
Yet all of Larry's services are managed in just one location
with Ingram Micro Cloud and realize
SaaS: software & associated data are hosted on the cloud and accessed via a web browser
Usage is not limited by capacity
Usage may be a little or a lot
Business only pays for what it consumes
The advantage of Cloud
How does Larry get the right cloud solution?
The Channel is key
Larry goes to KnowledgeCentrix, a reseller who provides an "instant IT department", and explains his situation
I am starting a law firm and I need IT. I don't know much about technology. My data must be secure and time is of the essence. I heard of cloud, but is it safe?
Larry's concerns
I need my business up and running ASAP
I need a reliable source who I can count on
Managing my IT services must be easy and simplified
Consolidated service management & billing
I need the optimal IT solution for my law firm to increase business efficiency
The ability to easily compare services and build customized solutions
Where he can easily set up users, add/subtract licenses, and feel in control of his IT investment
Let's review:
Partner Smart
Technology is a huge driver of competitive advantage
Technology enables small business to function on a larger scale at a lower cost
Larry does not want to run his own IT department as his firm grows
No legacy problems
Software is up to date each time the user logs in
Larry does not have to be concerned with technology and upgrades
Operating expense rather than capital expense
Larry does not know a lot about technology
But he does know
Because all of Larry's business data and tools are at his fingertips
No matter what device he is holding
needs a source that is knowledgeable
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