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The Bealinator

No description

Kara Beal

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Bealinator

The Bealinator
Utopian Living at its Finest!

There will be no homeless
as all will be given a job.
If they do not
keep a job
then they are let go...
Feeling and Emotion
There is no jealousy, as everyone has their needs are met by the Council, thus there is no pay.
What Do We Eat?
There are no issues
with food because...

everyone is a vegetarian!
We grow our own food, to allow us not to rely on outside resources.
Serving the Community
Everyone has to serve 6-hours of mandatory community service a week.
The community strives for peace, as we are isolated and have equality among our people.
Depression is not heard of here, due to the law of speaking honestly without apology. Additionally, there is a required 1-hour a day exercise program. Exercise is known to:
-Releasing feel-good brain chemicals that may ease depression (neurotransmitters and endorphins).
-Increasing body temperature, which may have calming effects.

1. You can only have 2 children to keep the population in check (this can be changed by the council if needed).
The Community
All ethnicities and races are welcomed. If this bothers anyone, s/he will be let go.
Is Accepted Here
Divorce is not allowed. If the party cannot resolve this on their own, then the person(s) who initiated the proceedings are let go.
The Council
Because of Bealinator's political, geographical and also religious diversity, the political system emphasizes political consensus. Readiness to compromise is one of the most essential elements of the politics. There is no opposition party, no presidential veto, and no strict party discipline. The people vote the council into office.
Each year, a different member becomes Federal President. The post confers no special powers or privileges.
When you are born...
At birth you are fingerprinted and a DNA sample are taken.
At birth a chip is placed in your brain to monitor your actions, help with career placement, and keep all safe.
Jobs are given based on skill and aptitude tests. The tests are given before you graduate with a diploma and training is done to help see what you would be most productive in life for our community.
Children of all ages are required to attend schooling, which is taught towards your future career. Those who are young will be in a rigorous preschool.
You are an considered an adult at the age of...
The freedom's are:We, the Bealinator people, love peace. We, the Bealinator people, avoid dispute. We, the Bealinator people, like to please everybody.
Nobody may be discriminated against, namely for his or her origin, race, sex, age, language, social position, way of life, religious, philosophical, or political convictions, or because of a corporal or mental disability.
Men and women have equal rights. The law provides for legal and factual equality, particularly in the family, during education, and at the workplace. Men and women have the right to equal pay for work of equal value.
Every person has the right to freely choose his or her religion or non-denominational belief and to profess them alone or in community with others.
The freedom of language is guaranteed, but one must say what they mean and apologizing after the fact is not accepted. One needs to be sure of what they are saying before they say it.
You cannot leave and then return to Belinator, without permission from the Council.
Live One With Nature
Our Flag- We are a peaceful island nation
Natural Disasters:
We live one with nature, thus if there is a natural disaster we will rebuild with our resources.
The old are given a test every two years, after the age of 65. If the person fails the test they are let go.
Let go means to one's death.
Homeopathic Medicine
We use herbs, oils and nature
for our medicine- not outside manufactured medicine.
Precision and punctuality are quite highly estimated throughout Bealinator.
Unwanted Children
At birth you are given a minor surgery to ensure that you cannot reproduce. After marriage, the couple can apply to become parents and the surgery effects will be reversed.
The clothing is natural, meaning it is made from things found on the island.
We have a free market libertarian government. Basically, it upholds liberty as the highest political end.
The community is cleverly constructed with a series of stockades and trenches protecting the inhabitants from intruders. To protect the people we have built an raid shelters (built underground).
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