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Etheses & library

No description

Rachel Henderson

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Etheses & library

Etheses & the library
"Research outputs"
UEA Library
Research articles
British Library
Copy of everything published in UK & catalogue of UK theses
Eprints repository - Collections team add digital version of thesis
Produced by...
UEA lecturers
UEA pgr students

Print theses & now etheses
Open Access articles
Charity worker
Academic in developing country
Database that stores publication information (bibliographic record)
AND full text if copyright allows
Can be borrowed in person or via interlibrary loan request
BL - Ethos - digital copies of theses

REF assessment
Govt funding
Research cycle
Research & Enterprise Office (REN)
PGR Office
Manage grants, spending on research, sharing with business etc (using "PURE" software)
Administer thesis hand-in - collect a disc & paperwork which then comes to...
Others involved in research admin at UEA

Collections team add to catalogue:
Interlibrary lending team interact with...
Queries about etheses, eprints etc -> Rachel

BL queries -> ILL team
Eprints digital repository
Collections team add digital version of thesis
REN add records of research outputs to PURE which feeds to Eprints
Journal article
Drama performance
Musical composition
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