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Performance Management:

No description

meghan bilardo

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Performance Management:

Performance Management:
Goal Setting

Performance Management at Brandmuscle
Establish Goals (Jan-Feb)
Conduct Mid-Year Reviews (July-Aug)
Complete Year End Self-Reviews (Jan-Feb)
Year End Performance Ratings Entered (Feb)
Year End Performance Conversation (Feb)
How to Set Goals?
How to Write Performance Standards?
Describe performance expectations in terms of:
Timeliness (deadlines, dates)
Cost (budget constraints, limits)
Quality (subjective and objective measures of satisfaction)
Quantity (how many)
Customer satisfaction

Goal Setting
Practice setting goals using the worksheet found on the community:

Why Set Goals?
"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

Goal setting is the first step Brandmuscle takes to execute on its strategy

Goals allow accurate forecasting and keeps Brandmusclers focused on what is most important

Everyone wants to know what is expected of them at work
What's In It
For ME?
Goals push us forward
They challenge us to grow
They provide direction
Ask Yourself:
Are the standards
based on measurable data, observation, or verifiable information?

What is Next?
Employees work to meet performance standards
2. Managers provide coaching and feedback
3. Both measure and evaluate performance
4. Both work to close any performance gap
Manager and Employee Should Collaborate to Establish Goals

Discuss how your department enables Brandmuscle to "Own Local", then define how your role and responsibilities support that mission and this year's objectives

As you draft goals ask these questions:
How can I support Brandmuscle's mission and my department's goals?
Does this goal compete for any of the resources required for the successful completion of other goals?
How can I better serve my customer (internal and external) this year?
How does this goal stretch me?

Create goals

Visit the HR Department in the Brandmuscle Community for more information and resources
Resources on Goal Setting can be found in the Learning and OD Department in the Community
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