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Quentin Callahan

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

In 500 B.C. children young as seven, were taken from their homes and started military training that lasted a lifetime Ancient Child Soldiers World without child soldiers Solution Number One Solution Number Two Solution Number Three The United nations plan MRS LARDIE Children's Crusade United States Civil War of all soldiers who fought in the Civil War were children French Child Crusade 30,000 children German Child Crusade
50,000 mostly children Travel restrictions on leaders


Why it is not a full solution No amnesty to leaders

End to their rein as head of the government

There needs to be more Other Countries That Have Child Soldiers Philippines Studies have found, of children have accompanied or supported armed soldier groups.

New People's Army Joseph Kony Leader of the Lord's Resistance Army COLOMBIA Most countries treat female soldiers as sex slaves, but Colombia views them as equal to men
Roughly 40% of all child soldiers are girls AFRICA Abu Sayyuf Group Moro Islamic Liberation Front Three main groups Iraq
Syria Trade embargo against nations who use child soldiers

How effective it is AL-SHABAAB IN SOMALIA Child Soldier Both boys and girls are recruited - anyone under the age of 18 who directly or indirectly participates in an armed conflict. Finds children an easy supplemet for its ranks = 28 = 10 PEOPLE SOLDIERS KEY 36% Libya Children as young as seven helped fight against Gaddafi Afghanistan&Pakistan Roughly 5,000 child soldiers in Afghanistan and Pakistan
They have been using them as suicide bombers Boys were forced to learn every aspect of a weapon, inside and out 642,213 Where he has spread Somalia Why do rebel groups use children? EASY CHEAP FEARLESS Works Cited
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