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Types of Government

No description

Beth Box

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Types of Government

Autocracy Theocracy Socialism
Communism Government: any system used to control a group of people Types of Government Why do we have it? What is Government? Hint!
Social Contract There are many different types of government, each with their own pros and cons. A government in which all things are controlled by the state approved religion.
"God himself is head of state." Ayatollah Khomeini
Supreme Leader of Iran
(Islam) Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican City
(Christianity) Lobsang Sangay
Kalon Tripa of Tibet
(Hinduism) Pros Cons No room for different beliefs
No room for change
Very powerful leaders Very easy to pass laws
Very little crime
Very patriotic citizens A government in which at least some of the power belongs to one person who usually gets power through heredity. Monarchy Monarchies can be absolute or constitutional. One leader has all the power One leader has some of the power but people still get to vote on many issues. Absolute Constitutional Hassanal Bolkiah
Sultan of Brunei Elizabeth II
Queen of the Commonwealth Realms (England) Pros Cons Head of State is not worried about politics
Strong sense of patriotism and tradition People have no choice in the monarch
Heredity succession does not guarantee a good leader A government in which one person has absolute power. Autocracies are typically dictatorships, and they can be very dangerous. Pros Cons NONE Dictators often gain power through violence
Citizens' rights are very limited
Incredibly harsh penalties for people who speak out Kim Jong-Un
Premier of North Korea Omar Al-Bashir
President of Sudan Robert Mugabe
President of Zimbabwe Oligarchy A government in which a small group of people have all the power. Oligarchies are rare. They were much more common in ancient Rome. Pros Cons Leaders in oligarchies tend to be very well educated
Decisions can be made quickly
Usually very productive The leaders in an oligarchy typically don't understand what regular people need
They tend to pass laws that only help themselves The Parliament of the European Union A government in which all property belongs to the government who then controls how property is shared. A government in which all property is owned by the people of a community and what you receive is based on what you need. People's Republic of China Republic of Cuba Socialism Pros People have equal access to medical and economic help
Socialism Cons Very expensive to citizens
Can't start your own business
Very little social mobility Communism Pros Communism Cons Everyone gets the exact same thing no matter what Everyone gets the exact same thing no matter what
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