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Washitngton D.C.

No description

Tyler Numedahl

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Washitngton D.C.

Nations Capital location: Washington D.C restraunts: there are a very wide veriety of restraunts
in Washington D.C. Different things like chinesse, asia,
indian, mexiacan, buffets, and all kinds of other places to eat. hotels: In Washington D.C. their are
many different hotels. There are
some hotels like the Hampton Inn
that are nice but not to exppensive.
Or there are others that are very
fancy but exxpensive as well. For a nice
but cheaper hotel is going to be around $100 Activities: there alot of sights
to see in Washington D.C.
There are 3D and 4D theaters
for movie lovers. Many
goverment things like the pentagon, White house and others. Many different historical museums like the holacaust museum. Or thhere are other things like museums for Elvis Preasly. In Washington DC you will never run out of things to do travel: from our part of the country to
Washington D.C. is a long ride most people
decide to fly there but if you would like you
can drive as well. Flight is sometimes more
expensive but driving is expensive because of gas price.
cost: the total cost of the trip will depend on what you do when you are there. Almost all of the expense you wll have is your hotel or where you stay and your travel. A fun historical trip
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